1. As it is operated by touching a large screen, anyone can use it easily. It is remote controlled by computer interface.

2. A.T.S System makes anyone use easily and realized high performance and low noise.

3. In case the condenser is covered with dust due to a long-time use, a serious defect is induced in the refrigerator. In such a case, the sensor detects the dust and gives an alarm.

4. The external shape was designed by experts so as to be well match anywhere, and the longevity is maximized due to outstanding stability, durability and sophistication.

5. The low-noise refrigerator and environment-friendly refrigerant were used instead of Freon gas, and the specifics were so designed as to be easily compatible with the future design and be easily repaired with low expenses.

6. The heat is evenly distributed, and a special window and an inner lamp were so installed that the interior side may be visible.

7. It makes it possible to test the standard stipulated from every countries including KS, and the power consumption was maximized so as to excel others at competitiveness.