Dear Readers,

  I am glad to greet you again. ^.^
  Human beings are born in the macrocosm and live there.
  There are many triples in the macrocosm, granted that it is
  accident,Such as( Heaven 天 - Earth 地 - Human 人)
  ( Gas-Liquid-Solid) ( Red-Yellow-blue) etc. In particular,
  ego is also constituted by a triple called '‘Quintessence 精,
Body 身 and , '

  Specifically, ALL THREE means the company that prioritizes
  conscience among ‘Quintessence (Customers),
  Body (Products) and Vitality (Conscience)’
as a medium
  between customers and company.

  I appreciate your favor and encouragement. I must seek your
  further advice and encouragement. Thank you very much.