◈ The Merits of Maintenance and Repair Contract

1. It prevents the efficiency of instruments from being reduced and contributes to energy saving.
2. It prevents the stability of testers from being lowered.
3. It prevents the operative failure that arises after a long-time disuse.
4. It lengthens the longevity by cutting obstacles.
5. It can be fully operated with a low deposit.

◈The Features of Maintenance and Repair Contract

1. An after-sales service manager periodically visits to check up your instruments three times every three months (frequency can be readjusted). 2. Technical service is maintained granted that the manager is changed, and expendables are provided for free.
3. As regards repairs, the service manager reports the details to you.
4. As the contract can be renewed three times at intervals of three years, the longevity of your instruments can be secured for nine years in maximum.
5. In case a sudden failure is arisen while it is being operated, the technicians solve the problem as soon as possible. You can be free from stress as you pay about 30 dollars monthly.